Some might say I have a lot of hobbies. Too often I pick something up and then abandon it before I see results. There are a small number things that I always come back to though: Lisp, cycling, and Portuguese.

When in high school I first experimented with programming in VB, then C, then perl. Once I found Lisp though, there was no going back. Occasional excursions into Haskell, APL, and various DSLs like the HTML this is in have shown me the power of being able to program a compiler in a programming language that is essentially an abstract syntax tree. APL is a great counter example, however, because its strength is requiring a special keyboard for doing dense linear algebra programs. Useless for a very large number of applications, but ridiculously good at a few. Good thing someone has implemented APL from inside Common lisp! Haskell, it would seem, might be a counter example also. It felt fairly restrictive to me (though still way less restrictive than any true "Blub language."). For some applications it is no doubt indispensible, and it is no doubt better than a Blubbier language for almost any task. But then there is Shen, which does essentially the same thing and was written as a one-man project.


Cycling started as a survival skill: living without a car in the US is exceptionally difficult. Public transport horrendous, and the land is sparsely populated to the point that walking is impractial. Cycling, however, can be. Now I do have a car, but the bike is still my vehicle of choice. Occasionally I go on long trips, and I am a fan of fixed gear bicycles.


In 2015, at the age of sixteen, I graduated from high school. Since then I have been attending Cuesta Collegein San Luis Obispo off and on, with the goal of attaining my associates degree in Mathematics and transferring for my Bachelor's degree.

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Written on 2018-11-21

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