Spenser Truex

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Planned graduation June 2019 with an associates degree.


I have experience speaking Portuguese and am comfortable translating from written Portuguese into my native English. This includes three months living in Brazil. This resume is available in Portuguese.


English is my native language and I have a myTEFL English teaching certificate for 120 hours (professional).

Github Projects:

  1. A CSV reader as an extension to Common Lisp
  2. A fork of a static content generator in Common Lisp, used to generate spensertruex.com
  3. Get the code from Doug Hoyte's "Let Over Lambda" to work somewhat on SBCL. Reader macros.
  4. Library function to Download web pages in parallel using Common Lisp.
  5. Detect /dev/ devices on Linux: a Perl wrapper around diff.
  6. Implement a Turing complete programming language.

Spenser Truex
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