When in high school I first experimented with programming in VB, then C, then perl. Once I found Lisp though, there was no going back. Occasional excursions into Haskell, APL, and various DSLs like the HTML have shown me the power of being able to program a compiler in a programming language that is essentially an abstract syntax tree.


Cycling started as a survival skill: living without a car in the US is exceptionally difficult. Public transport horrendous, and the land issparsely populated to the point that walking is impractial. Cycling, however, can be. Now I do have a car, but the bike is still my vehicle of choice. Occasionally I go on long trips, and I am a fan of fixed gear bicycles.


In 2015, at the age of sixteen, I graduated from high school. In June 2019 I received two associate's degrees:

  • Science Associate in Arts
  • Social And Behavioral Sciences Associate in Arts

from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, California.

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